Parks and recreation

My favourite snapshots from a day out at Sydney’s Luna Park…because some old-school fun in the park never really goes out of style.

United Colours of Fun
United Colours of Fun
Chorus sonorous…


Spotted: God using a Mac
View from the top of the wheel


Poor man’s Batwing Spaceshot 😉
Horsing around on the merry-go-round.

So, you managed to scroll down to here. Well, congratulations! You get two bonus peeks into New York’s Central Park and a can’t-remember-the-name park in Hong Kong! What’s not to love…

Dream sequence at Central Park in New York
Dream sequence at Central Park in New York
Somewhere in downtown Hong Kong
Somewhere in downtown Hong Kong

2 thoughts on “Parks and recreation

  1. on a sunday afternoon, as i get ready to cook lunch, but not quite feeling up to it and would rather be outdoors, but too tired to, this is what i need.

    how well have you captured the park life, the colors, the realness of it all. and of course the promise that a park always lives up to – the promise of happiness. loveliness.


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