On cloud nine

Cloud-gazing is an incredibly immersive experience.

Wispy cotton-wool cumulus stretching across an aquamarine sky on a crisp winter morning; dark, water-laden nimbostratus…waiting to explode on a summer of discontent; or just those wandering wayfarers of the evening sky… painting a vivid sunset of reds and purples.

I have always been fascinated by this symphony of light and textures that’s constantly unfolding above us… and its ability to make even the dullest photograph come alive…and sing!

Sydney skies
Definitely the result of a sky-high pillow fight.
Sydney skies
This sensational view alone was responsible was a 5:15 pm exodus at work.
Sydney skies
This cloud seems to know a smoke trick or two!
Sydney skies
“Mr President, we have a spaceship situation”.
Gold coast skies
Shower of awesome.
New York City skies
New York City – I’m not sure many people walking its streets look up at the skies very often. They should.
New York City skies
See? This is why.
Sydney skies
Balcony seats to the 6 am show? Check.

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